Identity is perhaps the easiest concept to understand when you question a signature on a document.   Has the person who put the signature on the document been validated to be who they say they are?

When signing a transaction as important as purchasing a home, you should insist that the identity of everyone signing is confirmed.

Sadly widely used electronic document signing tools in the industry today do not do this.

Ask yourself, if you receive a document to sign electronically, does the application monitor who is actually putting the signature on the electronic paper.  Could someone easily sign in your name?

If that is the case, can you confirm the other party signing the document is the person named?

Our Digital Video Signature Process ensures that we deliver a seamless experience to capture your identity with legal forms of identification.  We capture identity, such as a drivers licenses, as you sign your name.   As the other party signs their name, they will be recorded on video doing so.   To add to the process, no one can simply paste signatures each and every time.  We don’t use avatars, or signature fonts for signatures – we ask that you use your stylus, or finger to provide a biometric electronic signature.

With this, our process then captures your identity, consent, and intent in a way that cannot be questioned, far beyond any documenting signing solutions widely used today.